I created Low Sun with Brooke Robinson.

I met Brooke a couple of years ago during a photoshoot, and since then, she has become one of my favorite artists. I have even tattooed my body with her art. Although I used to act cool, my true passions have always been sports and living naturally, even if that means walking barefoot and nearly naked. Over the years, I have become increasingly curious about our species and human behavior, constantly wondering why we do the things we do and how we can find ourselves in a society that often seems to value imitation.

As a creative person, I have tried to express my thoughts in many ways, but my passion for living naturally and authentically has always been a driving force. That's why I decided to team up with Brooke and create Low Sun, a brand that reflects our unique selves and what we want to wear. We started by brainstorming ideas together, including creating surf films, opening a tattoo shop or a coffee shop, hosting art galleries, and even wanting to help the world. However, every time we expressed our many ideas, someone would inevitably say, "Yeah, sounds cool BUT... you gotta choose one."

That's when we realized that Low Sun is all about breaking down those limits and creating everything and nothing. We wanted to bring together our dream life, the people we want to meet, the clothes we want to wear, and the intention to rule our days and nights. Low Sun is a way to live life by your own rules and without limits.

So, stay salty, stay wet, stay bad and good, and live your dream by your own intention. Remember, the best way to live life is to start living it! And always keep in mind that spirituality means nothing unless you have the courage to create the reality you want.

We love you, and we hope you'll join us.






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