About Us

What is Low Sun?

Low Sun is an expression of what it is to live a full and meaningful life of creativity, love and connection to each other, to ourselves and to the planet. We are here on this earth for a reason—to embark on the journey within. It's time to set sail.

We've been trained to go faster, consume recklessly, disconnect from our fellow mates and treat our planet as a resource rather than an ally. In a modern world that lacks soulful intent, we invite you to a place filled with warm, sacred intention—Low Sun.

Why Low Sun?

The mornings are sacred and when the sun is low on the horizon, we set our intentions for the day. In the evening, at sunset, we give thanks for the day that we get to meet the low sun once again. The low sun reminds us to live intentionally and with gratitude.

Who is Low Sun?

Low Sun was founded by Vito Basso and Bode Robinson.

With the intention to support slow fashion, ethical consumerism and low impact farming methods. We wish to raise awareness around the impacts we have on our oceans and on our planet and human kind, as a whole—giving back to organizations and individuals that support our environment.

Low Sun was created with the intention to build a physical space—a surf house where people can stay and connect, slow down, eat, drink and go surfing!