We do real sustainability. We made studies about how the industry hurts the earth but even worse how these new “BETTER” ways of producing hurt even more behind the lambskin costume. 

We believe in durability, pure and strong materials with a gentle manufacturing process. We need to understand that overproduction is the main cause of contamination. No matter the materials. 

So first we Believe in SLOW FASHION, then we find the best and most HARMLESS MATERIALS but with the longest LONGEVITY. 


“The movement works towards creating an industry that benefits the planet and all people. ”

 We try to push this as the new reality. With the time and compromise, this will leave the name of “movement” and be simply by the norm. 

We create quality products, without over production. With fair prices to make them as good as possible and donate part of the income to organizations and people who are helping the world to become a better place. 


We use organic local cotton, having a great and responsable relationship with producers and manufactures. 

We are using materials that leave as little footprint as possible once discarded. 


The most important concept under our understanding. We wanna give you the best quality but with the longest longevity. Each piece is made with the best materials to avoid fast discarding. We want our tee to stay with you lifelong. 


We support idols and heroes. Each product has its own mission. We allocate 10% of the sales of each product to a specific person who’s putting his hands and heart to work for the world. 

Meet them in our HEROES section. 



Our Packaging is not like virgin Plastic

Here's the thing, plastic has evolved over decades to become what it is today - an extremely high-performing material that is virtually indestructible.

Our compostable range is made from bioplastics, they're partly made from plants and they're designed to break down ie. not last FOREVER. As a more natural product, they are more prone to fluctuations in quality and consistency. They are also a relatively new material and the technology and know-how around their production is constantly evolving.

To compensate for this, we have extensive QA testing in place at our manufacturing sites and are confident in the quality of whatever leaves them. If however, something slips through the cracks, please do let us know and we will replace or refund your purchase - guaranteed.


There are many other ways to help us and take action from home. Having a deep understanding of what is happening around yourself makes an IMMENSE impact on the earth. 


Every piece of trash has its own place. Selecting and dividing your trash truly helps. A LOT. 

Cartoon and paper - Plastic - Glass - Metal 


These are another story… Composting is the best way to immerse yourself in the environment. Aside from how much it helps, It’s incredible how fast one can get involved with the change. Observing the transformation from trash to nutrients and life is incredibly contagious. Don't doubt it!! Go and get your compost supplies as fast as you can! 

Color data - Organics are the 1st cause of contamination on the list when you talk about urban cities!! So what are you waiting for?

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