Hollow Blues

Who am I? I ended finding I can’t trust in myself about who I think I am.
I am always changing, how would I define myself? We go through circumstances applying the knowledge learned from some others.
I don’t know who I am. Who I supposed to be for the rest did defined me for some time.
I’ve been trying to fit a suit that I didn’t feel comfortable with for years. The clothes I used, the people I share my time with, the search for material things. When you loose yourself you start chasing things that someone else sees important. When you loose yourself you are just one the way to find it back. This crazy society always craving of definition. The endless search of the carrot.
Why do we waste life trying to earn it? Don’t we realize that life is the happiness and the pain?
Don’t we realize there is no one without the other?
And without suffering there is no learning. Because second chances without learning, its just repeating a pattern. I always question myself why do we have to suffer to learn? Isn’t there any other way? Why don’t we see that without nature there is no us?
Why do we care about things that are not gonna make us happy? Do not waste life as its gonna last.
Do not waste love, you just don’t play with love. Respect. When I started ripping off this social suit, I realized that there is not
such a thing as success when you are doing what you feel in the now.
Erasing our personal history brings endless possibilities .
We become what we do in the exact moment. This always opens the possibility of changing and evolution.
The coherence between what was said and what was done returns the power to yourself.
Play with life as she plays with you.
Life lets us be what we want. Why do we waste it trying to earn it being something we are not? There is anything as creative as life. Looks like this crazy and complicated world makes us believe that being simple is the hardest thing in the world. I’m the ocean when I surf, I’m the earth when I care for her. I am.

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