Low Sun Ethos/Thoughts/Meditations

Getting Honest.

The ethos and impetus for starting and maintaining and growing Low Sun must come from a place of love and appreciation—a thriving place of passion, creativity and abundance. Never from a place of lack, ego or boredom. It must be in service. To bring humanity something special. Not just another “sustainable surf brand” selling graphics on “organic cotton tees.” How is that special?

People support what turns them on. That could be anything from a person, a film, an idea, a song, or a photograph. But a person is usually what really turns people on. It’s hard to attach yourself to a brand based on just graphics or a catchy and inspirational “About Us” section. Because they all start to sound, look and feel the same.

It’s gotta be raw, authentic, unapologetic and real. We’re not trying to sell you. Why do you love us? Because we’re not asking you to love us. Why do you want to support us? Because we’re not asking you to support us.

LET’S GET HONEST. Vito and I really don’t have much of a drive to “do business” or wear a lot of clothes or wear certain brands. We don’t love the idea of capitalism or over consumption. We don’t love the idea of producing another t-shirt that might get tossed into a landfill in the next couple of years. 

So why are we “doing business,” promoting capitalism, and producing more clothes that we probably won’t wear that often? Especially when we’d each rather wear next to nothing, anyway.

We’re not good at running numbers, and adding up overhead or trying to figure out our taxes. In fact, we’d rather be surfing, painting, gardening, drawing, reading a book, or enjoying a cup of coffee. I’m sure most of us would. So what drives us to run a business and do the hard stuff to make sure we can continue to create and make and live with intention.

We don’t wanna be slaves to our brand—to selling—to capitalism. We wanna stay salty, wet, bad, good, passionate, intentional and real. We wanna stay making and creating. We wanna stay awake and dreaming. We wanna stay in love with life. Inspire off the screen. 

Dont’ ask for anything. Just offer. Be of service. Think of them. No expectations. Just love. In doing so, we live a fulfilled life. Not a life that the ego thrives off of, but a life that our Spirit thrives off of. 

It’s not about the feed aesthetic or what we look like. Low Sun is in everything we do. It’s the meals you prepare. It’s the art I create. It’s the conversations we have. It’s the latte we serve. It’s a place in our hearts. It’s a place in real life. It’s a way of life. 

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